How do you find or locate a lost will in Los Angeles County California? Sirkin Law

How do you find or locate a lost will in Los Angeles County California?

California attorney, Mina Sirkin, handles search for and admissions of lost wills in court in California.  We help families find and locate a lost will, when families are going through the most difficult part of their lives.   California residents who inquire about a lost will should note that California has a rebuttable presumption regarding destruction of wills which were last in the decedent’s possession.


1.  Search in Decedent’s home.  Ask the neighbors and caregivers.

2.  Look in the deceased’s safety deposit box.

3.  Ask any known attorney for the deceased person.

4.  Ask the CPA and any known professionals, such as stock brokers.

5.  Look for things that many not look like a will.   Notebooks with writings.  Journals.  Loose papers of the decedent.

6.  Go to the probate Courthouse (Los Angeles County Probate Court) and ask the registrar of wills if a will has been placed there for safekeeping.

7.  Look for handwritten wills.  They may be on plain paper, or a will may have even been written on a napkin!  These are called holographic wills and can be very useful.

Mina Sirkin is an attorney in California who has spent the last 27 years helping families find peace, and file wills  in probate estates in California.  Contact: or call 818.340.4479.  Web:

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