Retirement Planning and Couples with Large Age Differences

Tim and Anne are a typical Southern California couple. After two bad divorces, they found new love. That was ten years ago. He was 55, and she was 45 when they got married.

Now, he is 65, and at retirement age. Anne, who is 55 wants to continue to work, and wonders if there will be enough money for her retirement, if there is a catastrophic illness in the family.
Large age differences create special situations, which need to be addressed early on in the marriage. For couples with an age difference of greater than 8 years, the retirement of one person, can have a major impact on their lives for a few reasons. The older spouse wants to retire and travel. The younger spouse, is still in her working years, and unless there are significant retirement funds available, work will get in the way of travel together.

Early on, the plan for retirement then needs to take into consideration, a much longer time to save for retirement, because, the available retirement income must last longer due to the large age difference.


  1. Work Longer;
  2. The younger spouse needs to work longer;
  3. Contribute larger sums to 401k, up to your limit.
  4. Consider investing in rental property.
  5. Evaluate how much interest your retirement account is making, and the volatility of your investments, and the risk involved.
  6. Evaluate your savings rate v. your spending rate.
  7. Consider long-term care insurance.

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Differences between Wills & Trusts in California

When you are investigating the differences between wills and trusts in California, you should focus on the results of each.    Similar in both, are the instructions of a decedent as to how to distribute his or her assets after death.   However, a trust also works during life, and while a person may become incapacitated.

A will must go through probate if the decedent’s probate assets exceed $150,000, and where no alternatives to probate were chosen. Alternatives to probate may be: Beneficiary Designations and assets which pass by contract, or pass through a living trust.

Choosing the right executor and trustee can be difficult when there are significant family disputes among children.   Discussing your wills with an attorney who has handled will contests as well as trust lawsuits, can help you formulate a plan, and in selecting an executor.

Wills are generally easy to contest.  California has very simple laws regarding allowing a person to contest a will.  Some of the common grounds for will contests are lack of capacity, undue influence, fraud and mistake.   To learn more about wills, contact our Will Attorney, Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479.  We probate wills in Woodland Hills and Los Angeles. Our wills attorney can advise you about wills in offices in Los Angeles, Glendale and Woodland Hills Ca.